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Atomic Kitten

Real name: Kerry Katona, Natasha Hamilton, Liz McClarnon
Birthdate: N/A
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Right Now was a modest success upon its release. Initially, there were no plans to focus on the global market and Atomic Kitten's record label, Innocent Records, was even considering dropping them because of their limited success, however they persuaded to record one more single. This one single changed the career of Atomic Kitten because they scored their first No. 1 hit in the UK in 2001 with "Whole Again". The song and video for "Whole Again" originally featured Kerry Katona, however, she left the group several days prior to the number-one position because of her pregnancy. The single was remade when Jenny Frost was added to the line-up as Kerry's replacement. The success was such that it was decided to remaster and rerelease the album, which then went to number one on its second appearance on the chart.

In April 2002, Natasha announced that she was pregnant, but had no intention of leaving the group, and wanted the scheduled 2002 tour to continue. Natasha filmed the music video for "The Tide Is High (Get the Feeling)", and made an appearance at Party in the Park before finally going on pregnancy leave.

During January and February of 2003, Atomic Kitten toured around Southeast Asia, visiting Singapore, Thailand and Korea.Natasha, who had given birth to her son, Josh, on August 24, 2002, decided to take her newborn baby with her on the tour as well.

Atomic Kitten spent the late part of 2002 and early 2003 in the studio recording their third and final studio album. Up until the recording of Ladies Night, the group mainly relied on songwriters and sometimes co-wrote songs featured on their albums. While recording Ladies Night, they decided to be directly involved in the creation of eight of the fifteen songs. Ladies Night was released on November 10, 2003.

On January 23, 2004, Natasha Hamilton decided to devote more time to her young son and wanted to take a hiatus from the group. Atomic Kitten released the single "Someone Like Me/Right Now 2004" as a "goodbye" to their fans, but were reunited on Valentine's Day to release the charity single "Cradle 2005", a new version of the original on their album Right Now. "Crade 2005" peaked at No. 10, with proceeds going to World Vision.

In 2005, the group was featured on the soundtrack of Disney's Mulan II with the song "(I Wanna Be) Like Other Girls Lyrics". The track was Atomic Kitten's third time as a featured artist on a soundtrack.

On December 4, 2006, the girls reunited once again for a one-off performance of "Whole Again" and two other songs at a benefit concert for the Michael Shields appeal at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

On December 31, 2006, Atomic Kitten performed at the Ocean Terminal in Hong Kong at Nokia's New Year's Eve celebration. The appearance marked their first international appearance since splitting in 2004.

In 2008, Atomic Kitten will reunite releasing Cilla Black's classic single "Anyone Who Had a Heart". The single is scheduled for release on January 21, 2008.

It's unknown whether the reunion will be permanent or just a one-off appearance as none of the group have talked about the reunion..

Note : Anyone Who Had a Heart will be released on January 21, 2008, in aid of Liverpool Number One Project.


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