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Angie Harmon

Real name: Angela Michelle Harmon
Birthdate: August 10, 1972
Status: Married
Partner: Jason Sehorn

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Harmon left Law & Order to concentrate on her film career, saying that she preferred working in film than television. After appearing in the 2001 direct-to-video film, Good Advice, she had a major role in Agent Cody Banks, playing the CIA handler of a teenage agent (Frankie Muniz). The film opened in March 2003 and became a minor hit, grossing $47 million. Although Harmon was originally scheduled to appear in the sequel, the producers chose to take a more comedic approach, and replaced Harmon with comic actor Anthony Anderson as Banks's handler. In 2006, Harmon co-starred with Cuba Gooding Jr. and James Woods in the direct-to-DVD political suspense drama End Game.

In 2006, Harmon starred as the lead in the ABC pilot Secrets of a Small Town. Despite testing highly with focus groups, the pilot was not picked up by ABC due to its high budget. In 2007, she starred in another ABC pilot, Women's Murder Club, which was picked up by ABC.

Harmon is married to former professional football player Jason Sehorn. The two were engaged on March 13, 2000. Harmon was taping an interview segment on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno when Leno called Sehorn out as a surprise guest. Sehorn immediately walked up to where Angie was sitting, and knelt down on one knee in front of her chair. Sehorn asked her to marry him, to Angie's complete and visible surprise. (She thought that he was in New York at the time.) They were married on June 9, 2001 and have two daughters: Finley Faith (born October 14, 2003 in Dallas, Texas) and Avery Grace (born June 22, 2005 in Dallas, Texas).

Harmon is a Republican with a socially conservative political philosophy. She and her husband delivered a speech at the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Comedienne and singer Sandra Bernhard has a song on her album Hero Worship called "Angie Harmon'; it is preceded by a story in which Bernhard reads an interview with Harmon where she lies about her age. The song is more about the youth obsession in Hollywood than about Harmon herself, concluding with the line: "Angie Harmon...look at me, I'm only 22!"


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