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Real name: 張惠妹 (Pinyin: Zhāng Huìmèi)
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single

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A-mei (Chinese: 阿妹; pinyin: ā mèi; born August 9, 1972), also known by her birth name Zhang Huimei or as Chang Hui-mei (Traditional Chinese: 張惠妹; Simplified Chinese: 张惠妹; pinyin: Zhāng Huìmèi), is an aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer and occasional songwriter. She is also known by her aboriginal name 古歷來·阿蜜特 (Gulilai Amit). She was born in the rugged mountains of eastern Taiwan and is the third youngest of nine siblings. A-mei made her debut in the world of music in 1996, achieving instant mega commercial success. She has frequently been called a diva of the Mandarin pop music scene, as well as the "Pride of Taiwan". She has won numerous music awards and become one of the biggest music sensations within the pop music pantheon of the Mandarin-speaking world.

A-mei is an ethnic Puyuma. Like most Taiwanese aborigines she was exposed to tribal music during her childhood. A-mei's mother used to record herself singing and then play back the tape for her daughters to hear. A-mei had always been fascinated by music; she once said she stuck to the radio and would rush to watch the late night music program introducing English songs when she was a little girl. She also showed great eagerness to perform in public, forcing her friends to listen to her sing.

Soon afterward, A-mei began her 1998 Asia concert tour, stopping at Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia after the highly reputable initial show in Taipei. Along with her astonishing vocals, her vigorous and infectious performances on stage became her trademark and further established A-mei's status as a diva in Chinese pop music. Due to her fame, A-mei was invited by Japanese TV NHK to perform as a representative of Taiwan in the annual ceremony "Asia Live Dream" in February of that year. In October 1998, she released the album "Holding Hands" (牽手), exploring different genres and demonstrating her vocal versatility. Though detractors commented that A-mei's voice was not as clear as in previous albums, "Holding Hands" (牽手) remained hot-selling and was one of the best selling albums of the year. In November, she was named the most popular singer in Asia by Billboard magazine. Meanwhile, the documentary about the "fable" of A-mei, produced by CNN, was telecast worldwide.

Later that year, A-mei accepted the Taiwan Tourism Bureau's invitation for the role of tourism ambassador. Three versions of television commercials were filmed, targeting audiences from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia respectively. Alongside appearing in the commercials, she sang and produced the pop-rock and aboriginal fusion theme song titled, "Naruwan." In collaboration with the TV hosts from the three places, A-mei co-hosted a short series of travelogues titled, "Tour Taiwan With A-mei" to share the island's wonders with people outside Taiwan. Above all, she toured the three places, making appearances for some face-to-face sharing sessions with her fans and supporters.

In December, she accepted the invitation from MTV Asia and put on an exclusive showcase, "MTV Live With A-mei", held at Victoria Theater, Singapore. Together with a band made up mainly of Singaporean musicians from "Sonic Sanctuary," they delivered a well-received concert.

A-mei is nominated for the "18th Taiwan Golden Melody Awards", that will be held in June, for "Best Female Vocalist" with her album, "I Want Happiness?".


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